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Disclaimer: SGEModels.Com Hosts User Generated Content such as Model Portfolios, Photography Portfolios, Studio Portfolios, Hair Stylist Portfolio's, Make Up Artist's Portfolio's, Fashion Designers, Fan's, Papparazzi and and More. Inside SGEModels.Com is an Automated Model Agent with Model to Model, Client to Model, Industry Professional to Model and Models to Industry Professionals, Full Media Enabled Messaging, Photo Enryption, Photo, Video and Audio, Messaging Service. The Agency Has Been Automated with Technology to Deliver Model Agency Services Online, Automated and with the Site and App Providing Model Agency Services that Were Usually Done with a Human Being. There is No Human Agent Contact or Interaction the Site and App is the Model Agent Working Automatically to Connect Models, Clients and Industry Professionals. SGEModels.Com is Delivered from the Cloud and Works on Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Phones. You Can Connect to Your Hosted Portfolio, Update it and Manage it Anytime, Send and Receive Full Media Enabled Messages to and from Anyone in the Agency through Payment Verification. Credits are Purchased on SGEModels.Com to Interact and Communicate for Models, Clients and Industry Professionals to Message with Each Other and Evaluate Potential Opportunities. You are Provided Block Feature to Block any Unwanted Messages or People from Messaging You. The Online Platform Provides You with an Ability to Network in the Modeling Industry on SGEModels.Com Moderation Takes Place, Meaning We Do Go Through Profiles and Delete from Time to Time. Everyone Deserves a Chance for Success on SGEModels.Com If You Have Friends on SGEModels.Com that are Models and You Also Want to be Part of SGEModels.Com You Can, Join Free and Set Your Status as a Fan. Should you Want to See a Friends Portfolio on SGEModels.Com You Can, Join as a Fan. All Arangements and Plans are Made with People in the Agency Directly and Between Yourselves. You Agree by Use to Remove from All and Liability Whatsoever. You Agree by Sign that You are Over 18 and Agree to Terms and Conditions. Fee's are Payable to the Agency by Models, Clients, Fans, Photographer's, Studio's, Make Up Artists, Hairstylists and Such. The Payment of Credits which are Pay as You Go, Enable You to Communicate on SGEModels.Com. This Provides a Social Networking Environment for Models, Clients and Industry Professionals to Collaborate. Essentially You are Digitally in the Agency, Can Be Social, Interact and Evaluate Interest and Possible Opportunities with Models, Clients and Industry Professionals that Have Purchased Credits to Message You. You Can Decide Between Yourselves if You Would Like to Pursue an Opportunity or Not. Should You Not Want to Pursue an Opportunity Presented by Someone You Can Block Them from Messaging You by Clicking the Block Icon. Removing the Need for Human Agency Services and Putting the Modeling Industry Online and Social in SGEModels.Com This Can be Achieved through Your Virtual Assistance or Agent, being SGEModels.Com for Clients, There is Also a Pay as You Go Credit Fee. This provides a Payment (Bank) Verification before Anyone can Message the Community on SGEModels.Com Further it Provides You as a Client, or Booking Agent, with an Online Cloud Service, to Match to Your Needs, Search for Runway, Photographic, Hairstylist, Hair Studio, Fashion Designer, Director and More. The Purchase Credits to Message System Provides Seriously Reduced Fees to Connect with Models, Clients and Industry Professionals Due to Being Automated and No Human Interaction Costs. SGEModels.Com is More Affordable to Use and Saves Time Due to Being Automated and Not Having to Wait for Another Person to Connect Models, Clients and Industry Professionals. The Connection Process is Instant and Lists of Results are Built Instantly and Automatically. Intent is to Provide Online Modeling Services through Artificial Intelligence. The Technology is Able to Connect You and Makes Sourcing of Model Talent Easy. You Can Choose for Example: Runway Model, America, or UK, or Australia, Select Other Preferences and Get a List of Models that Suit Your Preferences and Requirements, in a List, further, to Source 10 Runway Models with Certain Preferences, in Paris, for a Runway Event. Can be Done using SGEModels.Com Online Modeling Agency, that is Essentially, on Online Robot, Understanding What You Need to Source, 5 Photographic Models, Say, for a Creative Photoshoot or Some Other Photo Shoot. You Can Connect with Models and Models Can Connect with Clients or Other Models and Industry Professionals. SGEModels.Com Connects Models, Clients and Industry Professionals Automatically Without Any Need for Human Agent Interaction. Use the Site or Mobile App to Search and Find Models, Clients and Industry Professionals on The Agency is Automated and You Take Care of Arrangements Between Yourselves. You Agree that All Interactions are Managed by Yourselves and for Which You Take Total Responsibility in Your Arrangements and Remuneration for Services and Booking, Any Arrangements, Scheduling and Such. Connects Models, Clients and Industry Professionals Digitally and Mobile. Anything You Do on or Off the Platform You Agree to Be Enirely Responsbile for Yourselves and Remove Entirely from Your Arrangements and Dealings, Service Delivery and From Any Liability Whatsoever. Proivdes Free Model Portfolio Hosting, Connects You, Provides Media Messaging and the Ability to Block Being Contacted. You Get Access and Membership for Free and Can Advertise to Models, Clients and Industry Professionals with Media Messaging. You can Connect from Any Internet Enabled Device and You Have Your Hosted Portfolio, What You Want to Say, Photo Show Reel, Model Video Profile, Free and Can Get Messages Free, Create a Free Profile and See What Opportunities come Your Way or Manage Your Schedule. SGE Models Provides an Online Platform Connecting the Modeling Industry Worldwide, Online, Mobile Phones, Tablets, PC, Laptops and Internet Enabled Smart TV's. Connect and Collobarate on SGEModels.Com to Models, Clients and Industry Professionals, from Your Online Portfolio and Make Contacts in the Industry Worldwide. Show case Your Studio or Business to Interest Models and Models Show Case Your Portfolio to Interest Clients and Industry Professionals. Make Up Artists and Hairstylists Including Industry Professionals Host Your Online Portfolio on SGEModels.Com to Engage with the Modeling Industry and Models, Direct. Directors can Go Direct to Models and Models can Go Direct to Directors, Photographers, Make Up Artists, Hairstylists and Professional Studios or Fashion Designers. All Financial Engagements Between Clients and Models and Visa Versa are Made Between Clients and Models Directly. You Agree on Sign Up to Remove SGEModels.Com and All Participating Firms and Directors from All and Any Liability Whatsoever. Block Features are Also Provided So You Can Block Any Unwanted Profiles from Messaging You. SGEModels.Com Provides a Hosting Service for Models to Host Modeling Portfolios Including a Video Portfolio. Person to Person Messaging is Provided for Directors to Easily Browse and Find Models in Locations Around the World and Build Lists for Online Screening. Models Can Also Find Industry Professionals and Clients Around the World. You Manage Your Own Career on SGEModels.Com and Clients Manage Their Supply Chain from SGEModels.Com The Service is 100% Automated Enabling You to Achieve Your Goals from Any Internet Connected Device and SGEModels.Com It is Easy for Clients on SGEModels.Com to Find Just the Right Type of Model for Any Location in the World and Put Together a List. You can Also do Model Screening in Video, Photo, Voice and Messaging. Models Find Clients Any Where in the World. Moved? Travelled? Simply Change your Location on SGEModels.Com Retired, Still Want to See Your Portfolio on SGEModels.Com ? Choose Status, Retired. Industry Professionals Connect and Visa Versa in the World of Models. SGEModels.Com Provides Process Automation through Technology to Deliver Modeling Services. The Entire Agency is 100% Automated and Provided from the Cloud, Doing Exactly What Alot of People Would Do, Without the People, 247. Find a Model, Find a Client, Find an Industry Professional. Join Free and Create Your Free Online Portfolio on SGEModels.Com and We Will Send Free Notifications from Your Portfolio on SGEModels.Com, Thats Models in Your Inbox for Clients and Clients in Your Inbox for Models. No Registration Fee. No Membership Fee. You Can Receive Unlimited Free Messages in Your Inbox. Credits are Required Contact and Reply on SGEModels.Com SGE Models, Provides the Platform, Hosting, Full Media Enabled Messaging and a Moderation Service from Time to Time. We Check Profiles and Delete Profiles. You Agree that if You Abuse that we can Delete Your Profile without Refund. We Just Delete Profiles that are Rotten Apples. There is No Asking to Change, it is Just Deleted. We also ask for Your Support, to also report to the Help Desk any Profiles that we Should Delete. An active Whistle Blower Culture is What we Expect on SGEModels.Com to Contact the Help Desk and Report Anything, Please Report it Here: Help Desk We don't mail you or anything if you get deleted, you just get deleted. Everyone is Beautiful on SGEModels.Com There is Someone Interesting for a variety of Photoshoots. Creative Photography is welcome on SGEModels.Com