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Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions: You Agree on Sign Up that You are Over 18 and to Remove All Participating Firms, Directors, Networks or Affiliates from Any and All Liability Whatsoever. Be Cool and Decent with Your Profiles, Pages, Pics and Text on SGEModels.Com if You Agree to Be Cool and Decent then Go Ahead and Sign Up Free. IMPORTANT NOTICE: You Agree on Sign Up that You Understand SGE Models is an Automated Digital Modeling Agency. This Means that You Manage and Control Your Interactions. Please Be Careful When Communicating with Interested People from Your Profile on SGE Models. Engagement with Interested Parties is Completely at Your Own Management and Risk. Be Sure to Video Regularly and Have Someone Accompany You to Any Photo Shoots or Related Modeling Activities. You Take Full Responsiblity For Yourself and Engagements Out There. We Do Encourage the Community to Look After Themselves by Letting People Know About Any Suspiscious Activity By Writing About it in What You Have to Say. Should You Get Any Pesty Communications or Scammer Behaviour Please Notify the Community So That Everyone is Aware of Any Potential Dangers that May Arise from Un Savory People Out There. All Interactions, Payments, Management, Issues are Managed by Yourself. You Take Complete Self Management of Your Modeling Interactions and Engagements. SGE Models Provides the Platform to Broadcast You and Provides Free Messaging Mechanisms for You to Message and Connect. Using Your Phone Number or Whatsapp is Completely Your Choice and Managed by You. You Take Full Responsibility for this. There is a Free Message Button on Your Page to Receive Free E-Mail from Interested Parties without Using Your Phone Number. Many on the Move People Prefer to Use Their Mobile and Whatsapp. If You are One of these People Please Be Mindful and take Notice that You are Fully Responsible and Agree that All Interactions, Connections, Engagements are 100% Your Responsibility and Managed by You. If You are Comfortable with Our Terms and Conditions Then Go Ahead and Sign Up.

You Agree to Be Mindful, Compliant and Conduct Yourself with Self Managed Compliance and Be the Person Responsible for Your Conduct, Images, Text and Behaviour on SGEModels.Com You Agree By Signing Up to Be the Person Responsible for Your Conduct, Actions and Behaviour. You Also Agree that SGEModels.Com Can Remove Your Profile for Any Reason Whatsover. In General this Means that If We Do Not Find Suitable Images and Or Text that Admin will Simply Delete Profiles that We Feel are Unnacceptable to SGEModels.Com on Site Moderation. From Time to Time un Savory People Do Abuse the System, Should This Happen Bear With Us until Things are Cleaned Up on Site Moderation. You Can Also Message That Person and Tell Them What You Think About Their Bad Conduct. When Admin Comes By to Moderate We Will See if Anyone Has Caused Any Trouble and Deal with it on Site Moderation. You Can Filter by Categories to See All Members on SGEModels.Com or by Specific Model Categories or Industry Categories. SGEModels.Com Beautiful by Design, If You are Found in the Wrong Category or Have Taken a Chance without the Right Stuff You Agree your Profile will be Deleted on Moderation. You Cannot be Below Runway Height Threshold and Promote yourself in Runway Models. You Can However Promote Yourself in Photographic Models. Please Be Mindful of Choosing the Right Category When Creating Your Profile on SGEModels.Com Categories are Checked on Moderation and if You are in the Wrong Category Your Profile Will Be Deleted on Moderation. If You Agree to Promote Yourself in Your Appropriate Category Then Go Ahead and Sign Up or if You are a Client Sign Up Too and Click the Like Button to Build Your List of Suitable Models for Your Photo Shoot or Model Requirements. SGEModels.Com Automatically Promotes and Advertises Content Online and on the Internet. You Agree by Joining That All and Any Content Can Be Promoted and Advertised, In Any Medium, Shape or Form. This Means You Agree that SGEModels.Com Can Use Your Content for Promotion and Advertising of You and SGEModels.Com in Print, Online, Internet, Social, Sharing, Mobile and Any Form of Promotion and Advertising. You Agree on Sign Up Entirely to SGEModels.Com Terms of Use and Disclaimers. Welcome to SGEModels.Com